A simple UE5... Thing
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Developed with Unreal Engine 5


Originally, there was an Idea, that two or three drunk friends make a game... that's it.

I dunno.

Repo Structure

Repository structure is fixed, and it only has a few toplevel directories. Every other directory or file is ignored.

  • /Source
  • /Config
  • /Plugins
  • /Content
  • /RawContent

git-lfs management rules are mostly defined for file types, and not paths, however there can entire paths marked to be managed by git-lfs. Without a special note, expect only type-based rules apply to a directory.


C++ source code is stored under the /Source path. As with most other directories, this directory is managed by standard git (and not git-lfs). That means no blobs. Do not put here any .dlls, .exes, .zips and other binaries. Only text files are allowed. Generated text files can reside in the local /Source dir, but should be ignored by git with additional entries in .gitignore.


Engine and game config files.


Game plugins. Every plugin lives in a subdirectory of the /Plugins dir. A plugin internal directory structure is not strictly documented, so there are no assumptions on how a plugin is structured. It may be useful to use git submodules to manage plugins in a more robust manner. It is expected that each plugin will have it's own .gitignore file in it's subdirectory, as well other required specific git tweaks.


Game assets in Unreal Engine formats, .uasset and .umap. Only those two file types are allowed, everything else is ignored.


This directory is managed entirely by git-lfs.

/RawContent is a directory where you store assets in their source formats, in contrast to /Content, where assets are stored in the engine format (after the import). Having an asset in a source format is useful when you're still making updates to it. It may be a good idea to also have separate repos for managing work-in-progress assets (maybe in smaller collections or even idividually).